Full-Service Design

  • Circa81 Design provides comprehensive design solutions covering commercial, industrial, and residential projects.
  •  Our team of experienced designers focuses on creativity, functionality, and expertise to create spaces that make a lasting impression.
  •  The design services encompass the entire process, starting from concept development to the final implementation.

Sustainable Design

  •  Circa81 Design is committed to sustainable practices in design. This involves incorporating environmentally friendly and resource-efficient principles into the design process.
  •  We consider factors such as energy efficiency, use of sustainable materials, and environmentally conscious construction methods to minimize the ecological impact of their designs.

Land Planning

  • Our firm offers expertise in land planning, which involves strategically organizing and using land resources for various purposes.
  •  This service may include site analysis, zoning considerations, and overall master planning to ensure efficient and effective land use.

Interior Design

  • Circa81 Design extends its services to interior design, ensuring that the aesthetics and functionality of indoor spaces align with the client's vision and needs.
  • This involves choosing color schemes, furniture layouts, and selecting interior elements to create a cohesive and pleasing environment.

Furniture Procurement

  •  Our firm assists in sourcing and procuring furniture that complements the overall design and meets the functional requirements.
  •  This service  involves coordinating with suppliers, ensuring quality, and managing the logistics of furniture acquisition.

Installation Services

  •  At Circa81 Design we ensures a seamless process from design conception to installation. This includes overseeing the actual implementation of the design plan, ensuring that it is executed according to the specifications.

Circa81 Design's end-to-end scope of services covers a wide range of design and planning aspects, with a focus on sustainability, functionality, and creating environments that meet the unique needs of their clients.