Amber Williams is a third-generation Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of the Circa81 Design Brand and the host of  the Podcast The Living by Design with Amber Williams, which  is a guide on how to design the life of your dreams.

She is a Soul Architect, Healer, Design Engineer, Well-being Educator and Mentor.

Amber's background in engineering, healthcare, fashion, public relations and business. Guided her to focus on her passions of Design and Leadership. This led her to create her own personal development brand by combining her intuitive gifts, design, science and her own personal healing journey.  She helps her clients by co-creating with them through a mind-body-soul healing experience. 

Circa 81 Design is a full service energetic design studio transforming the synergy in your life and home.                  

  “ I am an Energy Healer and everything is energy even down to how you place your bed in your bedroom. People don’t understand how that affects your love life, career and the flow of your finances.”

                                                        Our Values

At Circa81, we believe an Energetic Lifestyle is more than a mindset. We have to embody it in every angle of our life. Our goal is to provide you with information, products and services that align with our values.        

  • PROFITABILITY                  


 Circa81 Design is the mother of her evolving brand Circa 81Kids.

 “My purpose is to help and guide you home to the heart. We can only do that by finding balance within.”