My role is to support and assist you in reaching your own goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. I cannot predict and I do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual’s results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results you can expect from using the information you receive on or through our Website.

Intellectual Property

All concepts, drawings, renderings, videos, known as  “project documents”,  prepared by Circa81 Design, will remain at all times Circa81 Design property. Project Documents may not be used by Client for any purpose other than completion of project. Clients may share images of “project documents” on social media, website/ etc.. We kindly request that all sharing credits Circa81 Design.


This agreement can be terminated in the event that either party fail to uphold the terms. A phone call/ in person meeting and a written notice are required to explain the reasoning. Circa81 Design will be compensated for Design services performed prior to notice of termination at the agreed fee as per the signed scope of work. Circa81 Design shall also be compensated for all outstanding balances on purchases made on behalf of the client.


Resolution of Disputes

Client and Circa81 Design agree that all claims, disputes or controversies of any kind arising out of or related to the performance, interpretation, breach, application or enforcement of the contract/ letter of agreement shall be determined by binding arbitration and not by a court of law or equity. Any claims, disputes or controversies shall be settled in accordance with the rules of City of Wichita of the State of Kansas and judgement upon the award rendered by such arbitration shall be entered in any court having jurisdiction over the matter. The Client and  Circa81 Design expressly waive all other methods of legal recourse against each other and agree to be bound by the award rendered by such arbitration.