Divine by Design Mentorship


When you choose to step into the next chapter of your life… And claim your Divine inheritance then,

  • You choose transformation over mediocrity…
  • You choose yourself before anyone else…
  • You choose to Activate that fire that is burning in your soul…
  • You choose to be a Person of Wealth…
  • You choose to be  ready to step fully into your Self-Mastery journey…

You landed on this page for those same reasons.

I wish someone would’ve told me years ago that there was a way to speed up my transformation. You start to accelerate your transformation when you start taking accountability for past experiences.  You start to experience  leaps here and there. Then you find yourself shifting into the life you once desired but didn’t think was possible. 

I know you desire more in this lifetime…

What if I told you that you could wake up and go to sleep happy, have the body of your dreams, travel the world, fulfill love life, serve more people, true abundance ,free time and a dream career and business.

When you step into my world we co-create! I not only help you but I hold your desire to reach your highest Human Potential.

My mentorship is designed to lead you through

  • Life, Self and Business Mastery
  • The goal is to create a life, home and business that's harmonious and aligned with your Soul.


                                  Why you should work with me?                    

Amber Williams is a third-generation Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of the Circa81 Design Brand and the host of  the Podcast The Living by Design with Amber Williams, which  is a guide on how to design the life of your dreams.

She is a Soul Architect, Healer, Energetic Interior Designer, Engineer and Mentor.

Amber's background in engineering, healthcare, fashion, public relations and business. Guided her to focus on her passions of Design and Leadership. This led her to create her own personal development brand by combining her intuitive gifts, design, science and her own personal healing journey.  She helps her clients by co-creating with them through a mind-body-soul healing experience. 




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