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Our goal in any environment is a safe, efficient and innovated workspace, home and infrastructure. At Circa81 Design we provide an expertise in operation, human factors, design and we offer a broad range of consulting services for both private and public sectors. We offer our clients the best overall solution when it comes to design, engineering and management.


Automation We believe every business should use some form of automation in their business infrastructure. This is the application of technology, programs, robotics that will achieve outcomes that use minimal human input. The more mind space you free up the more productive and innovative you can be.

Ergonomics The goal in any work environment is a safe, efficient and innovated workspace. At Circa81 Design we understand Workspace design and the Human Engineering that goes behind designing a safe workspace. We pride ourselves on being a multi-discipline design studio. Contact us for a consultation for your commercial space.

What is the Goal of Industrial Ergnomics?

  • Health and wellbeing of employees
  • Changing workforce demographics
  • Lower incidence of occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Decrease cost of occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business strategies
  • Workplace design through ergonomics & interior design

Research & Development (R&D)- As consultants we conduct specialised and targeted research on behalf of our client and produce a final analysis of key findings. Our team of  expert consultants  will provide reports in areas that company's full-time staff cannot meet.