In 2020, the business world faced a major disruption to its ecosystem. Companies were forced to shut down or scrambled to move their businesses online. In this effort to pivot in these trying times. Many entrepreneurs and corporate structures found themselves exhausted. The old way of doing business is long gone and many are struggling to find their way.

Circa 81 Design is passionate about being at the forefront of developing innovative ways for companies to thrive in this new business landscape. Companies moving forward will not be able to survive if they don’t put their employees first. We believe that incorporating wellness in your business model will increase the company's capacity to perform at the highest level. It has been shown in research that work and life balance is on the top of the list for employees.

 The companies that had previously incorporated Corporate wellness into their business model. Experienced less stress in the transition in the last year. Our goal at Circa81 design is to advise you on how to build a better business infrastructure that includes wellness at the forefront.

 In our Business design service we are also able to work with small businesses and solopreneurs who are looking to increase their capacity level. In order to grow in business, you have to eventually turn that I into we and build a team or outsource some of your work. We are here to guide and advise you to the next level.

Some of our services include but not limited too:

Corporate Wellness Our team is trained in energy wellness/management techniques that include sound therapy and many other healing modalities. The nervous system is vital in the innovation process. We can help your team incorporate this into your business landscape.

Supply Chain management The management of the flow of goods and services from your company to the consumer is a key indicator of your success. Circa81 Design is passionate about designing sustainable systems that lead to a sustainable business.

Automation We believe every business should use some form of automation in their business infrastructure. This is the application of technology, programs, robotics that will achieve outcomes that use minimal human input. The more mind space you free up the more productive and innovative you can be.