Why I got into the Coaching industry

I got into this coaching business..

❤️‍🔥Because I am meeting women who have dreams but they don’t know where to start..
❤️‍🔥Alot of them have businesses already that have no foundations and if something legal happened they would loose it all…
❤️‍🔥I am also working with women who have been heartbroken and some who are coming out of a divorce and they need a fresh start..
❤️‍🔥There are also men who want to build a brand and they need my help…
I love everything about business..
Creating a foundation, process, selling, writing your core values, supply and chain systems, the graphics and Research and development..
These are the things I love and my expertise…
But I truly love helping women heal, transform and step back into their power..
Alot of us have the skills but our mind is telling us we aren’t worthy, then some are suffering from trauma and more..
This is where my Transformative gifts come into play..
The Spiritual side of me the healer side..
I have coached and sat in healing circles with over 70 women in less than a year..
I saw the women needed more and they asked me for more..
So I stepped into my purpose..
Its been on since then…
I am very clear on my assignment..
I am here to help high-level women & entrepreneurs transform the energy in their life, home and business.
If thats from my own techniques of Energetic Design, Business Consulting, Mentorship and Feminine Leadership..
I’ve been preparing to do this work my entire life…
If that is you? I would love to work with you.
I have space for new 1:1 clients..