We don’t talk about it enough.. The pressure that comes with continuing your Families legacy.


We don’t talk about it enough..

I’ve been having these conversations with my friends..

Having successful parents, who are still married and built a sustainable business for 40 years is a lot of pressure..

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that a lot of my journey and depression..

Came from trying to figure out what my vehicle would look like to keep the legacy going..

The truth is I am a 3rd generational entrepreneur..

My Great Grandmother decided she was going to change the trajectory of her family tree when she bought that brownstone in Chicago,Illinois and migrated through the US from Holly Springs, Mississippi.

My maternal Grandmother from the south was tired of working for people.. And at the time it was the Civil Rights movement.. She started her own business and her husband owned his too..

My paternal Grandmother and Grandfather worked for Boeing for years but they also had a vision for their children.. They owned lots of real estate,  A Restaurant and other ventures..They too were entrepreneurs..

Then there were my parents.. My father had an experience as a child.. He said he never wanted to answer to anyone and he didn’t want to work in a factory like his father..

He met my mother, the beauty and brains and they worked very hard and Family was always the focus..

My parents worked very hard and everyday we sat down as a family prayed and ate together..

That's my truth and I own it…

I’m not going to say my life was perfect..

But continuing the Legacy, Focusing on your family and building wealth was modeled to me..

For me I took advantage of watching them but at the same time I wanted to have fun..

My path hasn’t been linear..

But continuing the Legacy and staying Family Focused has been part of my WHY?

I am Unstoppable because I choose to be…

I feel successful because I get to live my life on my terms..

I have created this life..

Everyday I wake up and choose to be Happy no matter what the current landscape of the world is…

I’ve seen nothing but opportunity to truly step into the life I want during these times.