This is your Invitation into my world.. YOU will be ACTIVATED!


Welcome to Gemini Season,

I remember it like it was yesterday.. My mother asked me a question 8 years ago. She said Amber, you don’t know how to enjoy your own company. I looked at the phone and became offended. You see when my mom would try to tell me something about myself I would REACT. Well.. moving forward from that conversation...  it catapulted me into the next 8 years of self discovery and my entire life  started falling apart before my eyes. I was sitting and relaxing on my favorite island  of St. Martins in this picture asking the DIVINE for guidance. I said I was ready to leave corporate America cause I knew it wasn’t for me  and it was time to step into my true purpose. 


The Power of the tongue is fast.. As I entered back into the states through customs tears started to come down my face. My friend asked me what was wrong and I said I don’t know.. Then I went back to work and my entire life fell apart. I ended up not being able to work for months because I became very ill. I say it was Goddess Kali rearranging my steps to bring me to this place I am in now. Cause every since that day I’ve been on a radical shift into the women you see today.. It takes COURAGE to step into your Divine Gifts. People look at you crazy, you lose friends and some of them secretly envy you. I’ve experienced it all in the last 8 years. But I’ve never quit … I just keep going....YOU SEE...


Self Mastery got me here... by mastering myself! Now I get to guide humans back into their FULL GENIUS especially WOMEN... So they can IMPACT and PROFIT from their DIVINE GIFTS! I’m so honored that I get to serve you in my 3 month container. I have designed it to be  Magical and practical.. We merge the Masculine mindset with the Feminine FLOW… 

We have entered into an astrological period where you are energetically supported by stepping into your DIVINE GIFTS.


You will be ACTIVATED into higher levels in my new Transformational Business Coaching Program there is a new Paradigm in Business and I Am here to hold space so you can RISE and IMPACT! I would love to have you.. if you that resonated and you want to learn more then CLICK this link:

With love and Good fortune,

Amber xoxo