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I feel it's time to reintroduce myself !

  In the past six months I have welcomed over 1500 new soulful humans , mainly women into my world. I feel it's time to reintroduce myself if you are curious to learn more about who I am and what makes me tick. Hello, My name is Amber Williams and I am an Energetic Designer, Transformational Business Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster , a modern day High Priestess and a mother to a 16 year old Legend.. I go by a couple different names and some of my friends and clients call me Goddess Amber. I Mentor High-Performing Women & Entrepreneurs through Spiritual Transformation, Energetics and Business Strategy. It wasn’t that long ago, well August 2012 when I decided...

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We don’t talk about it enough.. The pressure that comes with continuing your Families legacy.

  We don’t talk about it enough.. I’ve been having these conversations with my friends.. Having successful parents, who are still married and built a sustainable business for 40 years is a lot of pressure.. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that a lot of my journey and depression.. Came from trying to figure out what my vehicle would look like to keep the legacy going.. The truth is I am a 3rd generational entrepreneur.. My Great Grandmother decided she was going to change the trajectory of her family tree when she bought that brownstone in Chicago,Illinois and migrated through the US from Holly Springs, Mississippi. My maternal Grandmother from the south was tired of working...

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The Industry is always saying find your niche..

  The Industry is always saying find your niche.. Niche down.. I’m like niche down for what.. Why would I want to niche down when my experience and background includes working in Healthcare, Fashion Retail,  Banking , Public Relations and now I am becoming an expert in Manufacturing with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics… Then throw in the fact that I am a Mystic.. I am not going to niche down for no one.. This is my experience… So what’s my zone of genius Transformation on a Spiritual and Physical level.. I work with High performing women & Entrepreneurs who want to transform their life, home and business in hyperspeed. That's right we are hitting the pain points,...

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