Let’s talk about building meaningful relationships..


Let’s talk about building meaningful relationships..

It just so happens that my 4th line in my human design confirms why I am good at this..

It was 2012 and I was living in Los Angeles..

I woke up one morning and said to myself I really want to learn more about money and let's get a job at the Bank..

I usually don’t talk about my  credentials but here we go….

Within working in the bank I was promoted to getting my investment licenses..

It was funny because I was offered a job  in 2004 to work for a family friend who was a mentor to get my Series 7 and trade Bonds..

Lawd.. So after failing the Series 7 twice .. I revisited this opportunity by taking the Series 6..

Which took 2 times to pass.. That test was hard as hell.. 

This is the main reason I no longer scream I have ADHD… 

There is nothing I can’t accomplish its about training the mind.. Take in mind I was C  student..

But  back to my story.. I met a young lady at the bank.. She came to me crying..

Her so-called Boyfriend stole $7,000 dollars from her..

I’ve heard all the stories about these types of scumbags…

After I passed my test my job moved me to a new location..

She just came into the bank and she remembered me..she remembered how I helped her..

Then she tells me her new story of how she became a millionaire within 9 months..

All I know is she wanted to invest her money..

There we have it. I had my first half million dollar investment…

The power of building a relationship turns a customer into a client..

There is POWER in being you and someone needs your medicine… digest it how you would like..