I love the shiny things but they never guaranteed my happiness

Look I’ve always had the best of best…

All the designer clothes , purses and shoes..
Expensive hotels, vacations and private school..
Now I am a designer shoe whore that will never slow down…
Money has always been present in my life..
My Money blueprint as a child was if Mom and Dad said no I went and asked my grandma…
But I also had my own business as a kid so I started buying what I wanted..
But as I got older…
In my twenties..
Calling Neiman Marcus to get the New Christian Louboutin got old..
It got so old… Plus I ran into debt with it..
I found myself sad and then throw in a failed relationship that ended up being the catalyst in my life to move to LA.
I knew it was time get back to me..
You can have all the material things, money, a relationship and still be miserable..
I meet these people all the time..
I didn’t buy designer things because I felt worthy… To be honest I came into this world with Rich B**ch energy..
But back to what I was getting too..
I took all that money… I was spending on all the things and put it back into strengthen my inner and outer toolbox..
I told myself in undergraduate I would come back to what I wanted to really do..
I did…
I kept my commitment…
Have you broken or keep the commitment that you promised yourself?
All these shiny things will not guarantee happiness thats within…