I feel it's time to reintroduce myself !


In the past six months I have welcomed over 1500 new soulful humans , mainly women into my world.

I feel it's time to reintroduce myself if you are curious to learn more about who I am and what makes me tick.

Hello, My name is Amber Williams and I am an Energetic Designer, Transformational Business Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster , a modern day High Priestess and a mother to a 16 year old Legend..

I go by a couple different names and some of my friends and clients call me Goddess Amber.

I Mentor High-Performing Women & Entrepreneurs through Spiritual Transformation, Energetics and Business Strategy.

It wasn’t that long ago, well August 2012 when I decided to take my Power back and work through all my own bullshit.

I’ve suffered from severe Anxiety, Panic attacks, depression , serious digestive issues and had some reproductive issues that I have healed on my own.

I have been called by my ancestral team to work with  women to clear their  wombs and step into their divine birthright of becoming a Wealthy grounded Goddess who will impact and profit from their divine gifts.

I work with the lineage of Isis and Laxmi. These are the Goddesses of Prosperity, Beauty, Fertility, Wealth in the home and more.

For some time I have been facilitating Women’s Circle, Moon Circles and even Mother Blessings for friends and family until 2020 when I decided to bring my work to my community.

After that the Goddess came to me and she said it was time to go online. Your work is meant to reach women globally. So I have been building a community of Powerful women who are working daily to impact the world with their gifts.

I want to welcome you to my world!

I currently have ways for you to exclusively work with me 1:1.

Email me at Heal@circa81design.com