2021 has been a year of Quantum Leaps



2021 has been filled with so much growth in my life..

That I look back and say to myself.. I understand why that didn’t go how I planned it..

Life is filled with ups and downs..

And the better we get.. The better life gets..

I use say to myself … If I would’ve had a Life Coach in 2008 after having my son would  I have been further along in my career.

I’ll never know and I really don’t care anymore..

All the trials and tribulations I went through brought me to where I am now today..

The goal was always to help people transform their lives..

I thought back in April that I was supposed to only focus on being a Business Coach..

Boy was I wrong.. I came to do more than that.. It just so happens the women who want to work with me want to heal and make a pivot in their life.

So I get to bring my expertise in helping you become your own healer then in return .. design the life of your dreams.

All the women who come to me want to  launch  a new business or  create a strategy that's aligned with them.

All of the knowledge I’ve gained in the last 40 years from working in my parents business, motherhood, my own studies and my ancient wisdom gets to be shared with my clients.

I get to help Spiritual women (and men who are called)  heal and  transform their life, home, business and career.

This journey has been rewarding and full of truth..

If that is you?

And you are reading this… I am ready for you! Let's make the walk together!